Stories of Lye

In recent years, Lye has received a bad press. It had been labelled a “no go zone” by local press, with tensions reported between different groups of people and concerns about crime and fly tipping.

The Dudley Public Health team knew this was a one sided view and wanted to hear more from the other voices. They used Storytelling, an innovative new approach to engagement, to give the people of Lye an opportunity to share their passion about the town and how it’s a wonderful place to live and work.

Storytelling has enabled these residents to connect, and as a result they are joining forces and building on each other’s passions, ideas and energy; people are putting themselves forward to get involved and are helping to change the negative narrative into a positive!

Here are the stories that were heard from the people of Lye during summer 2019, in their own way and their own words.