The most detailed data available on ethnicity is collected through the national census which takes place every ten years, the latest being in 2011.  Ethnic group classifies people according to their own perceived group and cultural background. Information about ethnic group informs resource allocation and service planning decisions and contributes to an organisation’s ability to meet obligations under the Equality Act 2010.  Ethnicity can be presented as a higher level combination of groups as in the charts below, for example White, Asian, and a more detailed categorisation that can be viewed by expanding each chart.


• The largest ethnic group within Dudley is White British with 277,050 residents, equivalent to 88.5% of the population.  This is notably higher than the figure for England (79.8%).

• The second largest ethnic group in Dudley is Pakistani with 3.3% of the population, compared to 2.1% for England as a whole.

• There is a lower representation of some ethnicities in Dudley when compared to England.  This includes the White Other ethnic group (Dudley 1.0%, England 4.6%), Black African (Dudley 0.4%, England 1.8%) and Other Asian (Dudley 0.5%, England 1.5%).

Ethnicity by Group, Dudley

Ethnicity by Group Compared to England