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Stories of Lye

12th November 2019

In recent years, Lye has received a bad press with tensions reported between different groups of people and concerns about crime and fly tipping. In a new publication, the people of Lye share their passion about the town through their stories, changing the negative narrative into a positive.

Indices of Deprivation

8th October 2019

The 2019 Indices of Deprivation includes the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), the official measure of deprivation for small areas across England, and separate aspects of deprivation covering income, employment, education, health, crime, barriers to housing and services and the environment. A report is available analysing the indices from a Dudley perspective.

Children and Older People in Numbers

6th September 2019

There are two new editions of the Dudley Borough in Numbers infographic on the subjects of children and older people. The infographics give a visual representation of facts and figures about the borough across a range of key topics.

Children’s (0-5 years) Profile Tool

3rd September 2019

An updated version of the Children’s (0-5 years) Profile Tool has been published, showing Dudley’s performance in a range of key indicators for this age group.

Population Estimates

30th August 2019

New population figures show the population of Dudley Borough was an estimated 320,600 in 2018, an increase on the estimate of 319,400 from 2017.

Loneliness and Isolation

7th January 2019

Visit our Loneliness and Isolation page to find out how this impacts on people’s lives and get a Dudley perspective on the evidence around this subject.

Life Expectancy Figures

4th January 2019

New figures show the latest life expectancy for men and women in Dudley and how they compare to England.

Children’s (0-5 years) Profile Tool

29th August 2018

The Children’s (0-5 years) Profile Tool has now been published, showing our performance in a number of key indicators for this demographic in the Borough.

All About Dudley Borough Launch

2nd July 2018

All About Dudley Borough has gone live!

Population Estimates

1st July 2018

New population figures show the population of Dudley Borough was an estimated 319,400 in 2017.

Previous Publications Migrated

Relevant publications from our old site have now been migrated to the new look All About Dudley Borough.