2021 Census Area Profiler

From the Dudley Council website you can access the 2021 Census Area Profiler which is an interactive Excel-based tool designed to show users the 2021 Census results for an area of their choice, and let them to compare it to any other area.

In the profiler you can view tables of census results showing the number and percentage of the population across a wide range of topics, such as age, ethnic group, general health, occupation and method of travel to work. There are also charts that show the percentage figures for the two selected areas.

The profiler includes census results for Dudley and other local authorities, but also has a specific Dudley focus, so users can choose areas within Dudley Borough for comparisons, such as wards and community forum areas.

This can give valuable information and insight on the characteristics of an area for policy and strategy development, describing and identifying areas for funding bids, and aid overall understanding for those interested in Dudley’s communities.

You can also browse the 2021 Census page which has more detail on the census results and how to access them.