What is the Staff Publications Repository?

The Staff Publications Repository is a central place to access the externally published work produced by staff within the public health team. The repository highlights the work produced by members of staff and promotes the sharing of knowledge and resources to improve practice.

Publications include work where a member of the public health team, past or present, is either a named author or has made a contribution to an external publication as a named contributor.

Please note – this repository does not include publications produced internally for Dudley Council.

How can I submit my work to be included in the repository?

If you are a member of staff within the public health team and have published a piece of work externally, for example a journal article or a publication in the LGA, please send these to Knowledge Services by emailing: knowledgeservices@dudley.gov.uk. Your work will be added to the repository.

How often is the repository updated?

Knowledge Services will update the repository whenever a staff member alerts us to a new publication. An email will also be sent round on an annual basis to request that any publications during the previous year are sent to us for inclusion in the repository.

Please ensure that any publication you have published externally is sent to Knowledge Services for inclusion in the repository.

How do I use the repository?

Items are listed thematically so please select from the menu the topic you are interested in.

The details of each publication including date of publication and author can be located for each entry in the repository.

A link to the document is contained within the record with most providing full-text access. There may be instances where for copyright reasons we are unable to provide a full-text link to a publication, but we will signpost you to where you can access the document.

Staff Publications Repository