Understanding Dudley Publication

The Understanding Dudley publication provides an in-depth demographic, health and socio-economic profile of the communities living in Dudley Borough.  It looks at the differences between localities and compares them to the Borough as a whole, as well as placing Dudley in the national context.  Each chapter of the publication covers a different themed area, bringing together data and analysis about Population and Household Characteristics, Being Healthy, Staying Safe, Enjoying and Achieving and Economic Wellbeing.

Population & Households

Being Healthy

Staying Safe

Enjoying & Achieving

Economic Wellbeing

All Chapters

1 Household by Milinda Courey from the Noun Project, 2 Health by Tatiana Belkina from the Noun Project, 3 Safety by Pavitra from the Noun Project, 4 Success by Gilbert Bages from the Noun Project, 5 Value by Tomas Knopp from the Noun Project