Life Expectancy

Life expectancies are important measures of a population's health status. Life expectancy at birth, or at a given age, is the average number of years a person would live if they experienced the areas age-specific mortality rates for the that time period throughout their life.

Life Expectancy at Birth

• Life expectancy at birth in Dudley has seen an overall increase between 2001-03 to 2016-18, from 75.6 to 79.0 years for males and 80.3 to 82.8 for females

• The life expectancies for both sexes have been consistently below the England figures across the time period

• Since 2012-14 male life expectancy in Dudley had started to decrease, before increasing again from 2014-16, while female life expectancy levelled out then decreased in the latest figures

Life Expectancy at Birth Compared to England

Life Expectancy at Age 65

• Male life expectancy at age 65 in Dudley has increased from 15.8 years in 2001-03 to 18.5 years in 2016-18; the equivalent figures for females are 18.9 years and 21.1 years respectively

• The life expectancy at age 65 figures are historically lower than those for England, but mirror the increasing trend seen at the national level

• Since 2007-09 the female life expectancy at age 65 for Dudley residents has very closely matched that seen for England

Life Expectancy at Age 65 Compared to England