This website has been developed to make data on Dudley Borough available to everyone.  It contains a range of resources, reports and information which help describe the population and place across a variety of topic areas and perspectives.

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The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a statutory requirement for each local authority area. In Dudley Borough we have decided to focus on the strengths of the community as well as its needs. The JSNA is a collaborative project involving local organisations and interest groups, including Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, local NHS organisations, the Police, the Fire Service and the voluntary sector.

The role of the JSNA is to provide an overview of the needs and assets of local residents and provide intelligence to Dudley Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB). This will inform the priorities and implementation of the health and wellbeing strategy, supporting the Board to fulfil its responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of all Dudley Borough residents and reducing inequalities.

Due to the wealth of information and range of topics within the scope of the JSNA, partners in Dudley have decided that All About Dudley Borough will be our JSNA. Information will be updated on a regular basis and new topic areas developed in line with local priorities.


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Census 2021

The first Census 2021 results showed that Dudley had an estimated population of 323,500 on Census Day, 21 March 2022, a 3.4% increase on the number in 2011. Information is available on the results from Census 2021 along with summaries by topic and ways to access census data.

Dudley Borough in Numbers

The Dudley Borough In Numbers infographic gives a visual representation of facts and figures about the borough.  It features key aspects of the area including population, housing, the environment, employment education, health and tourism. An updated version for April 2023 is now available.    

Understanding Dudley

Information providing an in-depth demographic, health and socio-economic profile of the communities living in Dudley Borough across six themed chapters on Population, Household characteristics, Health and Wellbeing, Education and Skills, the Economy and Crime. The new updated version now features interactive content.

Recent News

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Dudley Serious Violence Needs Assessment

The Serious Violence Duty was introduced to ensure relevant services in local areas work together and plan to prevent and reduce serious violence. Partners in Dudley have conducted a Serious Violence Needs Assessment to inform our actions.

Children and Older People in Numbers

Updated versions of the Dudley Borough in Numbers infographic on the subjects of children and older people are now available. The infographics give a visual representation of facts and figures about the borough across a range of key topics.

Children's Needs Assessments

Children Needs Assessments have been published covering those aged 0 to 5 and 5 to 25 years old, as part of Dudley Council work with partners, stakeholders, community groups, schools and residents to build a new ‘Child Friendly Dudley’.