This website has been developed to make data on Dudley Borough available to everyone.  It contains a range of resources, reports and information which help describe the population and place across a variety of topic areas and perspectives.

The information is structured in tiers so users can view just key messages if that suits their needs, with those interested in more specific information able to drill down to a more detailed level.

To get started have a look at the featured pages and recent news items at the bottom of this page, or get an overview on The Borough page.

The site will be continually updated and expanded so pay attention to the News page to keep up with the latest changes.

As All About Dudley Borough is a new website please let us know what else you would find useful and any suggestions for improvements.  We want it to work for you so send us your feedback using our Contact Us page.


The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is a statutory requirement for each local authority area. In Dudley Borough we have decided to focus on the strengths of the community as well as its needs, therefore our local version is called the Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA).  The JSA is a collaborative project involving local organisations and interest groups, including Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Police, the Fire Service and the voluntary sector.

The role of the JSA is to provide an overview of the needs and assets of local residents and provide intelligence to Dudley Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB). This will inform the priorities and implementation of the health and wellbeing strategy, supporting the Board to fulfil its responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of all Dudley Borough residents and reducing inequalities.

Due to the wealth of information and range of topics within the scope of the JSA, partners in Dudley have decided that All About Dudley Borough will be our JSA. Information will be updated on a regular basis and new topic areas developed in line with local priorities.  A decentralised approach is being taken with experts on each topic being responsible for developing content to upload and maintain.  Currently the focus has been on developing a demographic profile of Dudley (the Understanding Dudley reports) and on the three current Health and Wellbeing priorities; Poverty, Loneliness and Isolation, and Healthy Weight.

A brief executive summary of the All About Dudley Borough content will be produced on a regular basis to synthesise the volume of information into a more understandable format and to support decision making by highlighting key themes.


e Books

eBooks make it easy to access the Knowledge Services book collection without having to visit in person.  eBooks are available to all Dudley MBC staff on site or when logged in through VPN.  You can read books online or download the content to read offline at a later date. Why not take a look!

Dudley Borough in Numbers

The Dudley Borough In Numbers infographic gives a visual representation of facts and figures about the borough.  It features key aspects of the area including population, housing, the environment, employment and tourism, and a new section on health that looks at life expectancy.    

Understanding Dudley

A publication providing an in-depth demographic, health and socio-economic profile of the communities living in Dudley Borough across six themed chapters on Population, Health and Wellbeing. Crime, Education and Skills, the Economy and Household characteristics.

Recent News

Children's 0-5 Years Dashboard

A new Children's (0-5 years) Dashboard has been published, replacing the previous Children's Profile Tool. The dashboard has interactive content which enables you to explore Dudley's performance in a range of key indicators for this age group.

Indices of Deprivation

The 2019 Indices of Deprivation includes the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), the official measure of deprivation for small areas across England, and separate aspects of deprivation covering income, employment, education, health, crime, barriers to housing and services and the environment. A report is available analysing the indices from a Dudley perspective.

Children and Older People in Numbers

There are two new editions of the Dudley Borough in Numbers infographic on the subjects of children and older people. The infographics give a visual representation of facts and figures about the borough across a range of key topics.